We work on two levels – our primary focus is on spreading awareness, however, we also make policy recommendation based on our studies.
Upcoming Project:

Peach March (From Erfurt to Berlin)

We are organizing a Peace March with the objective of spreading awareness in society, and making “Save Food” a social movement in order to address future challenges pertaining to the availability of food and the impact of food waste. Apart from environmental and economic problems, food waste also contributes to resource conflicts (like water and natural resources) and further has its role in causing WAR. The objective of the Peace March is to meet local people on the way, hold small talks and meetings to spread awareness about the seriousness of the issue. The March will start in Erfurt and will end in Berlin (around 300 KM). People are welcome to join us by bike or just for a few days, if they would like to join the movement or learn more. Goals are: increased knowledge and changed behavior of everyone in the food chain and the promotion of SAVE FOOD.

Current Projects:

Self to Society: Self to Society is a project which aims at including people into the movement.

Waste reduction in UniMensa Erfurt -

• Problem: on average around total 110 KG food was wasted
• About 65%-70 % was customer left over
• Around 30-35% was surplus food (unsold food in kitchen)
We are currently working on reducing food waste in the Mensa. On the basis of our study, we are closely working with the Mensa staff to improve the situation. Following are the recommendations based on the study
1) Putting food waste barometer to share how much food is wasted on daily basis
2) Transforming Mensa in “No Food Waste Zone“ by putting enough awareness material inside Mensa
3) making options available to take less quantity(smaller portions) .